Hair types explained; Russian, Indian, Chinese

Hair extensions are sourced all over the world, however, typically you will find hair sourced from Russia, India and China. When looking for a new hair extension type, it is important to make sure the chosen hair extension type is compatible with your natural hair.

Russian hair/European hair - refers to Caucasian hair from the western world, predominantly Russia. In the western world, there are very few women willing to sell their hair, meaning high demand with limited supply and high prices. Russian hair has a fine denier and has natural light brown and blonde shades, meaning less processing. Not recommended for coarse hair textures, but can be used by hair types other than Caucasian. European hair is naturally silky and shiny and considered to be the highest quality of hair extensions you can buy.


Indian hair - is one of the most common hair types on the market, as there is a large population of women who regularly donate their hair for religious purposes. Indian hair has a similar texture and density to European hair and is versatile and easy to style. Blends well with most hair types, and has a light, bouncy feel to it, is wavy when wet. High quality Indian Hair will be able to maintain its silky texture & last just as long as Russian hair with proper care and maintenance.  


Chinese hair - tends to have a thicker follicle than European hair and has little to no curl. Natural state is black or brown, meaning the hair must be bleached to remove the pigment, then deposited with color. As long as the process is done correctly, the hair will not lose its quality after extreme processing. However there are very little suppliers which collect remy, non processed Chinese hair. In fact most suppliers sell hair which is collected off salon floors and mixed with synthetic and sometimes even animal hair and call it 'Chinese, Russian, Brazilian, Peurevian remy hair' and mostly it does not fit any of these descriptions. Be wary when purchasing hair from China, it is usually the lowest quality on the market, and quite unmanageable.


We offer both High quality Russian and High quality Indian hair.




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