Q. How do I know if I have purchased fake Russian hair?

A. Real Russian hair does not come in packets, it is sold in grams. The hair sheds everywhere and is much coarser than your natural hair and does not blend. In time the ends of it appear ratty, Hair doesn't last or stay in the same condition as day one. The hair came shiny and amazing until you washed it and it all puffed up became tangled and and matted easily, The hair lasted under one year or a few months before it needed replacing.

Q. What is the difference between double drawn and single drawn?

Single drawn hair is harvested from the same donor and no hair has been taken out or added, all the shorter pieces of double drawn hair are taken out and replaced with longer hairs from another donor, this means that there will be a varied texture within your hair but the length of the hair will remain the same from top to bottom.

Q. What is remy hair?

A. Remy hair means that the cuticle of the hair is facing the same way throughout the hair and that the hair was harvested and kept in the exact same way from where it was cut off, this ensures that the hair will not tangle and will be in sync with your own hair.

Q. Why is Russain hair so expensive?

A. Russian hair is the highest quality hair on the market, used by some of the most famous celebrities. It's the most natural hair available and lasts the longest. It is harvested ethically and is the least processed hair. If you were to purchase fake Russian hair (chemically processed Indian, Persian, Chinese hair) you may only be spending $250-$450 for a full head or even a head and a half of hair but that hair may only last you around 2-4 months. With our Russian hair you pay a higher price for a standard full head but this is a one off price you pay for years of use with the same hair. 

Q. How long will my Russian hair last me?

A. Virgin Russian hair will last you up to 5 years and coloured or bleached Russian hair will last you up to 2 years (sometimes even more!) with the correct care.