Russian Hair Extensions Sydney
Our hair is ethically sourced from Russia & Ukraine. Each hair bundle is harvested from the same donor. The colouring process of our hair extensions takes up to two weeks to ensure the quality of the hair is kept in tact rather than cheap hair extensions on the market that are processed in 1-2 days. Our hair extensions are 100% Russian remy, tangle free and will not matt up or weigh down your natural hair. Don't be fooled by other hair brands who supply poor quality, non remy human hair or even synthetic hair extensions coated in silicone to mimic Russian hair only to puff up, shed and tangle after just a few washes. 
We believe that good hair extensions are a must have for every hair extensions connoisseur. Whether it be length or fullness you desire Russian Hair extensions AU caters for every need. We stock a range of colours in ponytail form which we then hand tip ourselves to suit your needs. We offer our clients a 100% guarantee that our hair is only the best quality Russian coloured & virgin hair. 
Russian Virgin Hair.
Natural, uncoloured, natural Russian human hair. This hair has never been chemically or mechanically processed in any manner. This is the softest and finest quality natural human Russian Virgin hair available on the market, the best choice for anybody wanting to achieve length or thickness with the same as their natural hair colour.
Russian tinted Hair
This hair is lifted/tinted on the head before harvesting. The highest possible quality after the Russian Virgin Range hair. It might have been slightly coloured to uniform the natural brightness and shades. Soft and beautiful, this hair gives a wonderful feeling and lasts much longer than any mechanically or chemically processed hair on the market. This is the most common choice for high-end hair extension professionals.
iTip hair
iTip hair is hair individual strands of hair weighing anywhere from 0.5g -1.5g. Our strands are hand tipped by us so there may be some variation of sizing between each strand. We apply the iTip strand neatly secured to your natural hair with a silicone lined copper tube which is then clamped firmly to secure the iTip. iTip hair gives a natural look, they move well with your own hair, are least damaging and require least maintenance (6-9 weeks). 
Tape hair
Tape hair is small wefts of hair approx 4cm in width x 1cm height, weighing around 2.5g per piece. Tape hair is secured to your natural hair with two pieces on top of each other to create a sandwich. Tape hair can be spaced out in your hair so that it appears thicker. Tape hair can be placed high up closer to your part line as it lays flat to the scalp and doesn't show through your natural hair. Tape hair must be re taped every 4-6 weeks.

Ktip Hair
KTip hair, otherwise known as keratin bond hair are individual strands of hair weighing from 0.8-0.3g per strand. Our strands are hand tipped by us so there may be some variation of sizing between each strand. Ktips are the only hair extension that has a 360 degree rotation meaning you can wear your hair up comfortably, and they will be invisible. Our Ktips are made out of genuine keratin powder which is derived naturally from the protein in human hair and other natural sources which is melted by heat and fused to your natural hair. Unlike other brands that heat glue to your natural hair causing permanent damage to the hair shaft, and take a substantially longer amount of time to remove. Our Ktips are re-useable and last 2-4 months in the hair without needing to be removed or re-tightened.