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Russian Hair Extensions don’t require the most expensive products to keep them in good condition but it is important to keep in consideration that hair extensions do not grow nor do they benefit from the natural oils from your scalp as your real hair does. Please read these guidelines on how to care for your new Russian Hair Extensions.
  • We insist on you returning to us for colour & other hair services whilst wearing our hair extensions, otherwise we can not, of course guarantee our work.
  • Treat your Hair extensions as you would your own hair, do not use shampoos that are drying or contain alcohol
  • Do not to use any styling products close to the bond of your extension as these can build up and create tangling or matting/loosening of the bond
  • Do not shampoo your hair more than every 4 days, the more you shampoo/dry/style with heat the more stress you put on your natural hair and scalp
  • Wash with water flowing down the hair shaft – gently squeeze and never rub hair.
  • Always use gentle shampoos and conditioner. We reccomend Redken Haircare which can be purchased from us. Squeeze hair dry with towel and never rub.
  • Be gentle when brushing your hair, especially when wet. Brush from bottom and work your way up
  •  Do not apply conditioner or any other oil based or moisturising products close to the bond of your extensions
  • Use a heat protectant before applying heat on your hair
  • Use a cool setting on your hair dryer when drying extensions close to the bond and do not apply any heat such as straighteners or curling irons anywhere near the bond, this can weaken the bond and cause them to slip out of your hair.
  •  Do not sleep with wet hair, it can cause tangling or matting at the roots
  • If you are planning on swimming in either chlorine water or salt water, ensure you protect your hair extensions with a leave in conditioner or oil as the chlorine and sea salt is damaging and drying to your hair
  • Sleep with your hair in a loose plait
  • Plait your hair before exercising and be sure to brush it after exercise
  • You may tie your hair up while you have extensions in but please understand that this creates more pressure on your natural hair and scalp so we recommend to just tie it up loosely or in a low ponytail
  • For tape hair your hair must be re taped or removed every 4-6 weeks and iTip hair is to be re tightened or removed every 6-9 weeks depending on your hair growth.