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How much hair will you need?

Very fine - fine hair

For length - 100g

For thickness - 100g

For length and thickness - 125g

Fine - medium hair

For length - 125g

For thickness - 125g

For length and thickness - 150g

Medium to thick hair 

For length - 150g

For thickness - 150g

For length and thickness - 200g

Thick to very thick hair 

For length - 250g

For thickness - 250g

For length and thickness - 250g-400g

iTip hair
iTip hair is hair individual strands of hair weighing anywhere from 0.5g -1.5g. Our strands are hand tipped by us so there may be some variation of sizing between each strand. We apply the iTip strand neatly secured to your natural hair with your preference of copper beads which is then clamped firmly to secure the iTip. iTip hair gives a natural look, they move well with your own hair and are least maintenance (6-9 weeks).

Tape hair
Tape hair is small wefts of hair approx 4cm in width x 1cm height, weighing around 2.5g per piece. Tape hair is secured to your natural hair with two pieces on top of each other to create a sandwich. Tape hair can be spaced out in your hair so that it appears thicker. Tape hair can be placed high up closer to your part line as it lays flat to the scalp and doesn't show through your natural hair. Tape hair must be re taped every 4-6 weeks.

What's best for my hair?

FINE HAIR - Tape hair holds well in fine hair, iTip hair is more manageable for fine hair
THICK HAIR - Tapes are much better suited for thicker hair as maintenance time is minimised due to application process.
SHORT HAIR - Tape hair is great for filling in "gaps" or that really bad haircut you once had.