Russian Hair Extensions AU offers a guarantee on our Hair Extensions installed by us, provided that the following terms and conditions are met by the client.

  • You purchased the haircare products that Russian Hair Extensions AU recommended you
  • You have only had Russian Hair Extensions AU perform your colour or any other service including weekly shampoo & blow dry whilst wearing our hair extensions
  • You return to Russian Hair Extensions AU for your maintenance within the correct amount of time that we recommend. 

If these terms and conditions are not met then unfortunately Russian Hair Extensions AU is not liable for any issues that you may have with the hair extensions. It is important to note that not every hairdresser or salon has the skills or knowledge to work with hair extensions so its very important to return to us for all your future hair services once having our extensions put in.


As stated by Australian consumer law;

When the guarantee of acceptable quality does not apply

• Goods fail to be of acceptable quality if:

– the consumer causes them to become of unacceptable quality or does not take reasonable steps to prevent them from becoming of unacceptable quality

– the consumer uses the goods in an ‘abnormal’ manner

– the consumer examines the goods and that examination should reasonably have revealed that the goods were not of acceptable quality

A consumer is not entitled to a remedy if they had an opportunity to examine the goods before purchase and did not find defects that they should have noticed.

The amount of effort that a consumer should make examining goods, if given the opportunity, depends on the nature of the goods. For new goods, very limited or no examination would be expected.