Caring for hair extensions

One of the most common misconceptions about high quality hair extensions are that you do not need to care for them. This is completely FALSE. ALL hair extensions must be cared for regardless of what their origin is, what method they are or how expensive they were. Hair extensions unfortunately don't benefit from the same natural oils and nutrients that our natural hair gets, they do not grow, and most importantly they are attached to our hair by a method that requires care and maintenance.
Heat protect is your number one necessity for hair extensions; why? As obviously your hair extensions do not grow, each time you re tighten your hair you should trim the ends. Straightening and styling and applying heat daily to hair extensions creates premature split ends and require hair cuts more often, resulting in having shorter and shorter hair extensions each time. If you're like me and love length then you will find you will want to replace your extensions sooner than the expected average life span of our hair. Always remember to use a heat protect which will create a layer over your hair ( not just extensions but your natural hair benefits from this too ) ensuring it's protected before styling with heat.
Wake up in the morning and not brush your hair ? No, brushing your hair is a must when you have hair extensions in! You have to understand that you have multiple hairs attached to your natural hair and that they can get matted together if you do not brush it at least once a day, twice is preferred.
Adding steps to your routine; Sleeping - ALWAYS plait your hair before bed, never sleep with your hair wet. Failing to adhere to these steps may also result in matting of your extensions.
Gym/exercise - You must also plait your hair when exercising. DO NOT tie your hair up. Your hair extensions need to be in the most natural form but neatly tied back so that when you sweat it does not tangle all your hair together and dry like that.
Re-tightening; we recommend tape extensions to be re taped every 4-6 weeks & itip hair every 6-9 weeks, depending on your hair growth. You can not expect to leave your hair extensions growing out for longer than this and not cause any damage to your natural hair. Anyone who tries to sell you a method of hair promising for it to last up to 6 months does not care about the health of your hair & scalp. At most any type of hair extensions should stay in for no longer than 10 weeks.
Hair extensions are amazing however you must be prepared to change minor parts of your lifestyle to accomodate for them. Hair extensions do require maintenance and care and if you do not want to care for them then we do not recommend any form of hair extension.

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